Thursday, July 26, 2018

I realised it is a lot easier to miss someone, than love someone. Maybe that's just me.


Managed to grab some sleep during last night's call, but everytime I dozed off I would dream that I was getting scolded by D for missing his call, or that a nurse was calling me to do something.

And then I'd get woken up by someone actually calling me for something (please for the love of God never ask for cough syrup at 2am unless you're coughing your lung out then it's not cough syrup you need).

And somewhere in the early AM I started to wonder which parts were dreamt and which parts were real. Kept looking down at my clipboard to read what I wrote, and gave up trying to remember the things I didn't write down.

Pretty weird when at one point I honestly couldn't tell whether someone had actually called me or whether I dreamed someone had called me.

I think 36 hour calls are bad, but I hear SGH GS has 40 hour calls.


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