Monday, June 25, 2018

I want to remain emphatically myself.

The me who has snap-fire rage, who flares with irritation at a certain brand of people; 

The me who is too blur, who daydreams when she should be listening and does her own thing when other people are still around; 

The me who listens to patients and family, and sometimes it's amazing what a little bit of listening can do; 

The me who is so damn blur; 

The me who smiles unexpectedly, and gets a smile back;

The me who gives people random chocolate because chocolate; 

The me who is learning on the job (as usual); 

Whose only good point is her doggedness, 

Who is so slow, so blur (yes I've been called blur too many times), so kiddish and hence

whose only good point is her doggedness, unexpected chocolate and unexpected smiles

I want to remain emphatically myself. While somehow learning to do a damn good job.

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