Wednesday, June 27, 2018

"But he says he's not sure if IM has the same effectiveness as IV...."

"Is that so? Ask him to call the pharmacist."

"Wah YY you're finally showing your true self...After one month."

Yeah, I'm pretty nasty.

I get upset when students call my phone for their homework questions. I don't mind being asked, but if we're not close, who dares to call me? I wouldn't have dreamed of it when I was a student. After fielding 20+++ calls a day with people wanting different things from you, to pick up and hear a student asking about homework...

I don't give a shit at 2 am when you want an explanation of a non-urgent thing. I don't give a shit about the service you think we owe you. We're here to get you better, and if you get in the way of that, who suffers? That's right. Go ahead.

I angst very, very very easily.

I get batshit furious when someone fucks up and I have to pick up the pieces.

I have, I think, enough guts to survive in the army. It can't be harder than this. It can't be harder than SGH GS, where I'm going next. It can't...

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