Sunday, June 26, 2016

It's not late, but I'm having serious trouble keeping my eyes open while I wait for my two hours. I'm early cause I decided to camp at the station before the rain came.

So journal time! ~~
I'm traveling to experience things I wouldn't in Singapore, such as people surfboarding on a river (I kid you not), wild horses, craic in Ireland, haunted moors and giant dogs, conversations in half english half something else, and one of the best parts: hearing stories from all around the world.

Seems like some people like to travel because 'when you travel you experience new things and become a better person', and they post photos and really want to make people jealous of their experiences.

I don't think people change so easily. I'm not going to be a better person after this lol! But after hearing stories of life back home, and just meeting people and having accidental cultural bumps, it feels like my thinking of life has expanded a little.

I wanted to try different foods and activities (within limits, which means weed is definitely out), but sometimes my limits are incomprehensible to others. I just can't be comfortable with some things that others don't think twice about.

Maybe because I would have to change something fundamental in me in order to be okay with some things. I want to try new things, but not be a different creature altogether - I like who I am! - so I'll respect my limits :/

Although I had my first tequila shot in Munich hehe. With salt and lemon done the Kazakh way! And then the Canadians taught it their way. Okay so I get why people drink now. Great! Mystery solved. I still don't like it (hot chocolate/tea/good coffee is still the best!), but I understand.

Now to Vienna~!

I'm missing home like a constant ache, but perhaps I just miss being able to laze around

Black Eyed Peas - let's get it started

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