Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The people who call me 'docile' just haven't seen me angry yet.

The people who think I'll stay quiet just because they're loud (and admittedly, scary to me) are also mistaken. I can put up with a lot, until. You can't go around endangering people's lives. We're supposed to save them, dipshit.

If I'm upset and angry enough (and have lost all consideration for your feelings), I can listen and extract the one fact hiding amongst your bullshit. And if that fact doesn't make sense, I will hone in and clamp down no matter how you try to sidestep. This means that I will lay out your bullshit clearly. It also means if you're wayyy too smart for me I will frustrate you to no end (sorry).

I've done this before when I was trying to understand others, and found out how unnerving it is. It doesn't bother humble people and those who are willing to admit mistakes, but for deeply insecure people - it kills them.

You think I'm too nice or too shy, but just wait. Now I know you're a bullshit machine, I will dissect your words clinically. I will treat you with no emotion, and that is worse than hate. You can continue shouting, blabbering, trying to intimidate, but don't you know half of me is just an act? I can bring out the other half, who can forget that you're human.

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