Saturday, May 26, 2018

List of Happy

- Mochi! Specifically, mitarashi dango and strawberry daifuku!!!! Specifically because I had them today hehehehe

Like this
And this!
- Good smells

Rose smells
Some incense are really nice: there's forest-scented, rose-scented and vanilla scented incense!

- You knew this was coming

Hey mom!

- Having people to care for, and also people who care for me. That's like...thanks (to who?) Just thank you. 

- Good songs. 

- Tea! 

- Looking good. Good hair and good skin days. 


- Really soft pyjamas hohoho. Like slides on skin so smooth. 

Ok I feel saturated with happy now. Gonna charge up my happy every moment I can :)

Well now. Come to think of it, a lot has changed over the years (I did the DISC test to compare with years ago and wow), but looking at this list, there are some things which don't change so much I guess. 

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