Saturday, July 23, 2016

Sometimes, people need to hear certain things.

When it feels like they've hit rock bottom, I don't believe it helps to say 'it gets better', or 'you're still young' etc. Sometimes you have to find the one or two things that can give them enough confidence to get back up.

It's not like I can do much in half an hour or less. But I hope that I can in the future be someone who gives that bit of boost. Because....when all someone has is a big pit of loss to face, or when they're riddled with holes of doubt and fear, it's really hard. And if you can find the words, it really helps.


Yknow, the times when I feel the impulse to do something the most, is generally the time when I should do nothing the most. Or so I've learnt.

I may not be able to trust my impulses, but I know I can trust my gut (even if belatedly...).

And if I listened to my gut, then

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