Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Medicine taught me to wash my hands really really well (7 steps of handwashing yo!) and be a bit of a germophobe. This happens when the workplace has TB, Hep C, and other organisms floating about. Wash them hands. Wash them stethoscope.

Army taught me to be a bit OCD about neatness. Everything in its place, the lines parallel....and since it's me, hopefully some artistic sense. During MOCC I'm going to hang up pretty posters hur hur.

Maybe I was always like this. I certainly took well to the clean and neat philosophy. When I'm surrounded by a mess, my heart rate goes up, my frustration filters through my eyeballs and become tears, and I can't think properly. I hate it.

I mean, do we need 20 palm-sized christmas stars? We don't even celebrate christmas! Do we need 10 empty chinese new year goody containers? WHY? My parents are hoarders, oh my god...

I suppose it could be worse.

I saw some nice art on deviantart.

Landing by WLOP

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