Thursday, November 23, 2017

What's your...

favourite colour? 

favourite book? 
Aaaargh!!! Sunshine probably. 

favourite song? 
Depends on my mood. But Ed Sheeran's I See Fire is always a good bet. 

favourite food? 
Um... chocolate? 

favourite animal? 

favourite shirt? 
the white one

favourite smells? 
flowers! and coffee

favourite movie?
Spirited Away

Do you know that...

your outfit weirds people out occasionally? 
Sometimes I figure it out when I get home and see what I'm actually wearing, haha. 

your friends sometimes wonder if you're alcoholic?
I'm not though?
This might be because someone said, "I drink three cans of beer every night" and I said, "but that's not a lot." Everyone stared at me. But come on. We've heard people say "I drink one bottle of rice wine a night" before. 

you're short? 
I'm fun sized

you're short? 

you talk too much and tell too many random stories? 
God, yes. 

you laugh at inappropriate times...
I tried to keep it in! 

....or sometimes for no apparent reason at all?
sometimes things just pop into my mind and I find it hilarious. 

your neighbours can hear you 'singing' in the shower?
You're kidding, right? 

you're occasionally smart?
well, thank you.

you space out too much?
life gets overstimulating.

you don't study enough?
hahahhahhahahahahhahahahahhHAHAHAHAHA yeah I know

you like Japan too much?
sadly....especially since I doubt Japan likes me. But hey it's a beautiful country. With good food!

you write too many emo posts?
it had to go somewhere.

you could stand to lose some weight?
that's a nice way to put it. *wink wink*

you look freaky when you open your eyes real wide?

you have a real bad temper?
scares me sometimes.

you like to try many things and settle on none?
Mmm. But how do you know what's right for you if all you've ever known is one?

you have strange sleeping habits?
sigh. where to begin?

no one really cares about not eating animals?
I kind of do.

you need to get over yourself?
yes. One day. Eventually.

but you're still a pretty good person?
Aw, don't make me cry. 

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