Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Haven't made a post like this in a while

1. Because hair grows back. (Usually).

2. If you heard the number of times people call my name in the wards, you'd think I'm popular (or even useful). Fact is, when I concentrate I sink into a thought bubble. Like a tiny chamber that encompasses me and 50cm around. In other words, people have to call (loudly) to get my attention, and luckily no one in the team is comfortable with barking, 'hey! student!!'. So they learn my name.

3. Yeah I know, if I think that having to say 'You have cancer' sucks, imagine what it feels like to hear it.

But it really sucks.

4. I realise I shouldn't talk nonsense so much anymore. Yup it took me so long to figure out that I'm not endlessly awesome and superbly funny. Just a little awesome and occasionally funny. But I kind of need to talk nonsense and get it all out of the way before my brain can start on the serious stuff :(

Really though, why should anyone care? My mom gave birth to me so maybe she feels responsible, and listens to me blabber.

But yy. Why should anyone care? That isn't as terrible as it sounds because really, do you care about much other than yourself?

OK just a little.

5. It took me 23 years to learn something that probably wouldn't take a stranger a few minutes to figure out, but uh I figure that I really don't like being told what to do.

In the sense that if something is given to me with specific instructions I kind of go, heck it! I'll do it my way!!!! (Based on several templates anyway. I create my work of art hohoho).

And if I can't do it my way I go, heck it! Who's gonna do this crap?

In other words, what a disaster.

Roy Kim - love love love

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