Tuesday, August 29, 2017

In short

Maybe because of my last post, today I developed a strange facial tic. It's a sort of scrunch-up-my-nose and sniff, whenever I get scolded by my consultant (and he's not looking) or when something sad or awkward happens. 

I figure I'm afraid the sadness/embarrassment/awkwardness will make my soul blow right out or something. 

Here's a quote by Andy Puddicomb (the creator of Headspace!) that has been stuck in my mind for a while. Just thought I'd share. 

In many ways, the way we relate to positive and negative emotions is really not so different. It’s almost like two sides of the same coin. 
On the one side we have hope and on the other side we have fear. When we experience a challenging emotion we hope it will disappear and we fear it will stay or get stronger. When we experience a pleasurable emotion we hope it will stay, or maybe get stronger and we fear that it might go away. So this constant tension between hope and fear is ever-present. 
At first, it may appear as though we can give up the hope and fear around the challenging emotion, but not around the pleasurable one. But hope is hope and fear is fear. If we learn to let go of it for one thing, we learn to let go of it for the other. In short, there is no way of learning to let go of the difficult stuff, without learning to let go of the pleasurable stuff. The impact of this is broad. Firstly we become aware that emotions are transitory anyway, there is no real way to prevent them or hold on to them, they simply come and go and the less we get involved or invested in them, the less bother they cause us. We also realise that beneath these transitory emotions is an inexhaustible supply of peace and happiness. 
Secondly, we start to understand that the emotion itself is not really the issue or the problem, it is more to do with our relationship or attitude towards the emotion and the consequent impact of that reaction. 

In short, everything is going to be okay.

Taylor Swift - ours

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