Monday, July 24, 2017

I was walking home with my head pounding and I thought I saw my dad. My eyes widened and I felt happy, but then I blinked and I realized it wasn't him. I thought, Oh well. I guess I'll see him tonight anyway. 

I suddenly realized that one day this exact same thing may happen again, only I won't be able to see him when I get home. I'mma give him a big hug later.

Actually from all the stories my parents have told me (separately), I realise a lot of my sanity has come from my dad's intervention. And although my mom and I get along like friends now, if she had her way with my upbringing, I would have turned out very differently (worse).


"...everyone's done theirs so send us your quote for the yearbook too!"

"...'life is short'."

Why does everyone think I'm trolling???

Kodaline - the one

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