Monday, June 5, 2017


There's a place that I go to when I have a headache. When I want a rest.

It's not a secret, but it gives the feel of a secret place. So I go there to indulge in the illusion of being in-between; a place where time has stopped. Plus, it has good coffee.

In a sense it's somewhere I go to heal. And it's amazing that a human being created something like that.

The sense of people moving forward. I said I wouldn't join business because I didn't want to join a rat race. It seems it's only inevitable. (Is it? Or is it just people following their dreams?)

I see it as a rat race because I don't really have a dream to follow. (actually...) If I did, it wouldn't be a rat race any more. The people around me pushing for the top, I wonder how many of them are doing it meaningfully, and how many just want to be, well, at the top? Does it matter?

It's not my business. I suppose it matters to the person himself.

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