Sunday, June 11, 2017

three hundred and sixty degrees

Perhaps these are the emotions I've been trying to escape from?

Somehow unconnected things are converging in real time as I talk to different people and read different things.

'Life is short'—I hear that all the time, but when my mom tells me it doesn't seem so long ago that I was a baby? Indeed, it went by in a flash.

I wrote down a list of goals and a list of values (always with a pinch of salt, please...)* After examining my life, I figured that a lot of what I'm doing now doesn't seem to be in accordance with them. OK, so I stop playing stupid games and reading thrilling mangas. I live the life that's 'right' and well-trodden. Only it doesn't make me feel any better, because the prescribed path doesn't seem to ring true either.

OK, so I have to figure something out on my own.

That's all right. 'In perseverance, no one can beat you', was it?

I suppose it's time to apply myself and work hard, but I really have to choose—hard at what? A hard worker had better be working hard at the right thing, because, well

Well, because life is short!

*my main takeaway from the article is just: know your goals, know your values, work towards them. Simple!

G-Dragon: (untitled, 2014)

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