Tuesday, June 20, 2017

why do the wrong sounds come out my mouth

I said, 'People only have as much authority as you give them,' and my mom started laughing.
- there's more truth to this than most want to believe
- it gets me in trouble sometimes...only sometimes.

I said, 'When I'm angry my anger overflows and I get mad at everything and everyone around me.'
- thought it was a myth but it's true.

I said, 'Please don't.'
- I meant, please take me with you when you go
- I meant, none of us have this figured out anyway, it's ok.

It's not gonna be ok, is it? It's not going to turn out ok. But we're supposed to be sweet and kind all the way until the ultimate not-ok and we die?

I wonder what kind of human being I am now.

But I don't think the aim in life is to be universally loved, to be tender and loving to every soul who passes our road. I think the aim in life perhaps is to be fair and authentic. If our starting point is sincerity, I think a lot less things will go wrong. And a lot more will go right.

Studio ghibli - message by rogue (piano)

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