Saturday, April 8, 2017

Still not Part 3 yet...

For a long time I loved the phrase ichi-go ichi-e because I thought it meant “meeting a strawberry.” Literally, it is “one life, one meeting,” the meeting being a person or a challenge, or, as I like to think, meeting one strawberry.
Ichi-go ichi-e is best understood if we retroactively apply it to the bushido days, when a warrior would train with as much intensity as a real battle. If he fell off his horse and injured his arm, he would get back on the horse, carrying on instead of restarting, because he does not believe in the idea of “trying again.” Each move should be completed as if it were his only chance. He would imagine practice as if it were real life, or else it wasn’t really practice, just play-acting.
When things were hard, I would tell myself, “this is practice” as a way of separating myself from the pain of real emotions. The correct technique, perhaps, is to feel those experiences completely, to let the tears flow, to live through it without going numb. To practice feeling things fully, instead of practicing detachment.
You will never do anything “again.” You only eat one strawberry, even when you are eating a bucket of strawberries. I should practice remembering that, practice experiencing my life fully while it is happening. Meeting the Strawberry, rather than eating one after the other. Everything is practice, nothing is practice. We prepare for the real thing by living it.
This world of dew
is only a world of dew.
And yet…

I keep remembering the phrase, 'You only eat one strawberry, even when you are eating a bucket of strawberries.' It makes a lot of sense, but after being attached to the Obesity Clinic, it has a little irony too. You're only eating one strawberry despite eating a bucket of strawberries, oh yeah... 

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