Tuesday, April 4, 2017

It's all about the smells

Vanilla is sweet and curious, like a white shirt with flowing sleeves that tucks in at the wrist; like a dog rolling on its back in the grass because it just wanna. It's a little strong and a little heavy, like you're sinking in a mountain of vanilla ice cream.

I found a conditioner that I really really really like. Really like! It's just a very nice, subtle scent that makes me feel like I'm cozying on a bed with that fresh sheet smell, with random flowers strewn everywhere and a pudding on the side. Or something like that.

I never thought I'd get so busy that most of my learning would come from scrolling through notes whenever I get the chance—the train, the walk from A to B, the one hour after I wake up. When my brain does a small implosion, I blog (I'm sorry. I also make a note to write when I'm in good condition!) Recently, sometimes, it's like some words take a long time to load.

I'm looking forward to the weekend. Where I can go shopping for a shampoo that smells just as good, and then a soap, and then I'll stop there because perfume gives me a headache.

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