Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Alphonso mangoes

I can only remember from the middle of my dream, where:

Giant wyverns (or something worse?) flew above us, their claws gripping the sheep that was supposed to feed the village in the winter. The horses reared, and although none threw their riders off, some were close to bolting from terror.

Our leader, K, was furious. Our company was one of the strongest. We were supposed to prevent any invasion—instead here we had to watch as the wyverns tore our flocks from us, as if mocking our strength. A terrible urge consumed him, the urge to burn—burn the fields, burn any thing alive, and raze it all to the ground.

We cantered back to the castle and he dismounted, threw his reins aside, and made his way to the king. "The troops are demoralized. They say they don't want to train any longer. They are giving up on our land," he said, struggling to keep his voice level.

"To raise their morale, let me tell them that I'm a black gold rank," he said.

The King shook his head. He looked out the window into the featureless blue sky.

"No," The King replied. "Don't call any attention to ourselves, and don't show any resistance. Let the enemy just pass us by."

The look on K's face was the look of utter betrayal.


What a day. On a random note (I love random notes) recently I reread The Breaker and remembered all over again why I like it so much.

(My favorite mangos are the Alphonso mangoes.)

They say fake it until you make it. Or rather, faking it helps you get there (study-proven. Is it happiness that makes you smile, or smiling that makes you happy? Even on a bad day, forcing yourself to smile can improve your mood). Even over my tiredness, ego, and skepticism, it still works.

Today I did my best. Good job me!

On another note, the Dalai Lama is on Last Week Tonight by John Oliver (youtube)! gosh! All my idols seem to be appearing nearby-ish!

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