Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Watership Down

I read Watership Down, a book I'd picked up years ago and put back because it bemused me. It's wonderful. I've been missing out. While reading, I could sense how much the author loved animals, nature, and literature.

Every chapter has a small quote at the beginning, and the first stanza below was quoted:

Four Postures of Death, by Sidney Keyes


Death and the Maiden

He said, 'Dance for me,' and he said,
'You are too beautiful for the wind
To pick at, or the sun to burn.' He said,
'I'm a poor tattered thing, but not unkind
To the sad dancer and the dancing dead.'

So I smiled and a slow measure
Mastered my feet and I was happy then.
He said, 'My people are gentle as lilies
And in my house there are no men
To wring your young heart with a foolish pleasure.'

Because my boy had crossed me in a strange bed
I danced for him and was not afraid.
He said, 'You are too beautiful for any man
To finger; you shall stay a maid
For ever in my kingdom and be comforted.'

He said, 'You shall be my daughter and your feet move
In finer dances, maiden; and the hollow
Halls of my house shall flourish with your singing.'
He beckoned and I knew that I must follow
Into the kingdom of no love.

Read Watership Down people~~! It's a story about rabbits, a classic (despite the rabbits) and leaves no man unchanged. :P

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