Sunday, January 15, 2017

So my electives are pretty much decided—a whole chunk of surgery, and then a quarter of psych. It's amazing how fast the admin gets things done when the deadline approaches.

I wanna do psych elective cause I remember dr---'s expression when, after his lecture, grace, van and I were talking about which personality disorder we were most likely to have. He kind of grinned, and then the lift doors opened and probably he left before he could laugh outright.

And besides, someone I respect very much, who was in one of the milestones of my life, told me that psychiatry wasn't popular in his time (times haven't changed), but what he learned doing psych electives ended up helping him for the rest of his career. And not just because I like dr--- and because I like psych, but I suppose, to honor this person...

It's not really a big deal, I suppose—it's just an elective! I think it's because my parents are really against it and all, so it took some effort to make it happen. So I feel like I need to justify myself lol. Or maybe, "I just wanna do it!!!!!! I'm gonna do it cause I wanna!!!"

Anyway I realized (it's not too late!) I better aim to ace my exams, so then at least I'll pass, and get to go to Shanghai where I'll probably get food poisoning and die, but then afterwards I'll get to go korea with my parents and feel like an alien amongst white skinned, red-lipped, beautiful girls. Awesome!

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