Tuesday, January 17, 2017

After exams, ...

(it seems I make a list like this an awful lot, even if I don't always actually follow it. But hey, it's like a shot of happiness and hope.)

Well I wanna watch the drama Goblin! Mostly because they have a nice OST, and interesting actors.

I will...walk...I feel like my legs have stopped making walking a habit, and it's now more of a recollection!

I will eat more fruits. Because I like fruits. And sweet potatoes too! Especially when I'm hungry.

Talking about food (I always talk about food!), Japan Food Town is :))))

I will read up on next year's topics, because I don't like panicking and feeling stupid.

I will learn something new! Like japanese, or playing weiqi.

I will read something cool, like Lincoln's speeches. Did anyone read Kishore Mahbubani's article in the Straits Times?

I'm sure there's more to life (isn't there always?) but I'm actually pretty happy with my list. If y'all make one, lemme know! :D

Chanyeol, Punch - stay with me

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