Friday, November 4, 2016

I dreamt that there was a murderer in a group that I was in, and he was killing us off one by one. We didn't realise it. He cornered two people separately and shot them. There were three of us left and I think he wanted to pair up with another person ("It's just teamwork now," he said, "two against two.")

But then person A, the murderer and I were in a car together, and the murderer was upset—"Why him? I can't get along with him at all"—and when he drew the gun on both of us, somehow A managed to take the gun away. I guess he killed the murderer instead. Damn scary.

Before person A shot the murderer, he ground the gun into the murderer's back and brought him to his knees. He was pressing the gun so hard, the murderer's back was arched in pain. And person A was enjoying it. A passerby would have taken person A as the criminal.

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