Saturday, October 8, 2016

After watching shows that make me wanna cry I become a counsellor for 5 minutes

I think a lot of people, whether consciously or unconsciously, look for relationships because they feel the need to fill an emptiness. More specifically it's because they feel a lack of something, an emptiness within, and look for a relationship to fill that gap.

'There's something missing'. 'I want to fill this emptiness'. 'I'm lacking something'. I have thought all these things before, and imagined that a relationship would be the answer; and from what I understand, I'm not the only one.

But it's not right. I don't know when I came to realize it but people shouldn't enter relationships to fill up the things they lack. Relationships aren't about obtaining the things we don't have, or even about easing our loneliness. We should only enter them when we have something to give, and we are in a position to give it freely without thinking about what we want. I'm not saying it's altruistic—what do I know, maybe it is—but it's not something we get into, to get something out of. It's something people should do once they're fully formed, and can live with their holes without pain, or have found a way to augment those gaps. People are not a means to an end, and a relationship less so.

I'm not there yet. And so I can say quite surely that right now I have no interest in getting attached. I think that one day all this will make a lot more sense. For now... what is there to do but to live a full life? To try and improve myself in tiny bits every day?

*edit: I'm a hopeless romantic and I cared a lot about 'love', but don't you think that what we love tends to be what we need? Ah well. I might not be making much sense after all. ps: Ayn Rand wrote a bit about the love bit in her book!

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