Sunday, June 19, 2016

Bits and pieces

The cut on my nail from an errant kitchen knife has been pushed all the way to the white, and soon when I clip my nails it will be gone;

Every time I go to a cold country I realize how much I dislike the cold, but when I leave I completely forget.

The awkward part won't be the memories. I suspect the awkward part will be that we've both forgotten.

I get irritated when my bro disses Singapore, but my anger is a better indicator than indifference - it tells me that at some level I agree.

It was fun in all sorts of ways. Really truly honestly.

I don't think anyone comes out of travel unscathed;

It was like beer and cigarette smoke;

A bar with fish and chips and fried mars bars with whipped cream;

Because you're perfect the way you are.

Because sometimes being nice doesn't pay off - but I shouldn't be nice because I expected something, no? - and sometimes it does. Sometimes all you need is a smile. It has its own magic.

The impact of a heartbeat. The rise and fall. The long moments where these repeat, chasing each other, overlapping.

Learning things the hard way. (Google tourist scams before you travel!)

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