Friday, June 17, 2016

From the look on my brother's face when I said 'Traveling is fun but I miss home' ('oh....okay...') to my dad's worry when my phone went pretty much uncharged for three days (^^") ... But then there was exploring Oxford with Zhongy (!!!) and going punting and eating with company (!!!!!!!) and watching running man and having loads of fun - thank you very much~ ^^/

And reading the Dresden Files: Storm Front at Waterstone's (and finishing it!) instead of exploring the British Museum cause I was too tired;

And the giant Newfoundland at Dartmoor named something that sounds like, but probably isn't Shiva;

And being sorry for going afk ><

And wondering if museums are actually just plunder;

And wondering if I am missing a sense of control, an excuse to be lazy, familiar surroundings, or distractions from loneliness, or my friends, or what?


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