Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Day 1: Dublin

Sleepy but mustvaccompany my phone cause hostel = take care of your stuffs.

Dublin...I've only had a day of it. Its store signs all use fonts that look like they should start with Ye Olde -, and even though it's monday afternoon, the cafes are full of people chatting, a fight has already started in a bar, and the weather is alternately cold wind and hot sun.

I think I wouldn't mind spending more time here - to see the leprechaun museum, and take a look through the national library (which contains every book ever published in ireland! Every!!) but I feel like what I've done and seen today is enough.

The second half of dublin is the pub crawls and nightlife, but I'm afraid I'm not willing to do that. Stepping out of comfort zones notwithstanding, I just don't want to.

Tomorrow off to Bru na Boinne, then to Galway! For now, to get a good afternoon's zzz.

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