Monday, April 11, 2016

What I like:

warm fluffy towels
small fluffy dogs and big fluffy dogs!
good food (oh I want to try that super spicy korean ramen)
that feeling when I look up from studying and two hours have passed
funny, weird and introspective conversations aka joking around and hthts
early morning sunshine and nature
my parents and my auntie and the tahanners and my bro.
reading. reading. reading.
writing random stories. actually, just writing in general.
pixar movies
cute babies

Speaking of writing, I was staring at a blank page (screen) because there was a raccoon story I wanted to write - it was inside me somewhere - but I couldn't make it out. So I just let my fingers have free will and type whatever, and on the third try I was getting somewhere, or so I thought. 'Cause it morphed somehow from 'the girl and the raccoon' into 'me and ______'.

And as I typed I was thinking, did I actually feel this way? I guess I didn't then, since this is new to me, but I do now. Or maybe I did feel that way, but the feels didn't get processed. Perhaps they just sat around waiting in a queue.

When I was done - or not done, since I stopped when I got the gist of it - I looked at what I wrote and thought, damn, how could I have felt so strongly about something and not actually realized it at the time? Are my feelings contained in my fingertips? What magic is this?

Wait, the bottom line of this story is that I wanted to write a story but I didn't in the end. Sad face.

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  1. Soooo, you agree that not all babies are cute huh