Sunday, March 13, 2016

Worth it for the smiles

This month I wanna have fun in everything I do, because great things are not done by the bored, and also — I might as well.

Actually I was reading Born to Run, which describes a tribe of runners that took part in the Leadville marathon. While the world's best were going strong but battling pain and exhaustion, Team Tarahumara glided by, looking as if they were having fun. And the thought isn't new, but for the first time I want to take it seriously - have fun! @.@

When things get interesting, we get better at it. Or maybe I'll just be freewheeling, but hey, it'd be worth it for the smiles ;)  So, uh, for starters, I'm experimenting with making my own shampoo, and it smells GREAT. Only thing is, it doesn't exactly work, uh, like shampoo. Yet.

Also, I guess I'll experiment with a sandwich tomorrow.

And then, I guess I'll have fun reading my textbook. Or maybe I'll figure a way to story tell a disease.

Okay, now I'm sleepy. Goodnight!

Melange - anvion

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