Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Leaf in the wind

I took out my wisdom tooth today. I mean, a dentist did. It hurts :( Swallowing hurts, and my jaw is swollen. Eating hurts. This is supposed to last for three days (hopefully less!)

While the drill was boring into the tooth, I couldn't help wondering how dental treatment was done in the days before anesthesia. Like, oh my god. Because I was anesthetized but still shaking under the sterile blue sheet - literally like a leaf in the wind. It was so freaking scary!


I don't know how people classify their days, just like I'm not sure how people classify people. For example,

'I had a panic attack. I also made a friend.'


'I had a fight. Also, my script was accepted.'

Good thing and bad thing happens. The day was neither good nor bad, or should I say it was both?

So for today,

I had a wisdom tooth extraction. Also, I had QQ rice for lunch! Thinking back, it was actually pretty good :)

OH HAHA and when I was leaving early for the dentist, and hugging vtey, grace and van goodbye (because I had this feeling that I should say some slightly touching farewell in case I never returned from the dentist HAHA) - Jon had this really apprehensive-awkward look on his face, like he was really worried I would try to hug him too! Hahahahahaha. 'Course I didn't, but that look was priceless.

Madonna - masterpiece 

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