Saturday, February 20, 2016

Do something new for 30 days!

Update on my 'do something new for 30 days!' thingy! After 1 month of being vegetarian, my iron dropped too low for me to donate blood, lol, so I have decided to eat more lentils. And yeah, it's actually not hard, except for the mincemeat fish ball noodles that mom and I usually have every sunday.... nooooooooooooo.

And also there's the inconvenience factor - I'd rather eat meat than make other people dance to my vege whims, and really, I guess it's good for iron. Haha.

Okay, seriously though,
1. I don't miss meat much (accidental alliteration! high five!)
2. I kinda feel better in an sorta hard to describe way? just...better?
3. My family is leaning more towards vegetarian now, which kinda makes me happy! I know there are some extremist camps when it comes to meat vs plants, and I absolutely do NOT want to be part of it. No, nada, hands off, peace. I just think that it's ok to eat less meat. My iron count dropped, but mostly because I'm pretty lazy and pretty much ate a lot of bananas...puffed cereal...and zhai (thank you CNY!). Not exactly balanced, so I'll work on it!

What I didn't expect was that small changes could branch out so weirdly into my life. Mmmm, I guess I cooked more, and discovered that cooking actually is therapeutic! Must be something about all that chopping :P  Hence, I found a new source of stress relief - chopping tomatoes prettily! And onions tearfully! For new recipes, I made hummus, babaganoush, granola, and want to try making pasta with cashew nut cream next! It made me happy when van and grace liked the hummus! :))))

I got to know some awesome food places :d

And I'm super grateful that my friends take my (new) weird actions (like asking for ingredients in a dish, or scanning through a menu twice as long) in their stride! :")


  1. Omg does that mean... you skipped on the BAKKWA?? Oh dear, you sad sad soul...


      I can always terrorize them next year ;)