Sunday, February 7, 2016

An excess of feelings

I don't know if we were born incomplete and tasked to find our other half — or if we were born whole, and don't know it. Not immediately. Not until later (when?).

I need courage. But I tell myself, before that —!

I tell myself excuses. Because having the courage to do new things and walk new ground, also means having the courage to face conflict and disappointment. It means having courage to walk into the storm.

Of Monsters And Men — love love love


  1. Haha I think the idea of finding our perfect "other half" is excessively romanticized in popular culture. Also I think we shouldn't see our other halves as entities which complete and fill us; rather, as energy to unleash greater energy :)

    It's quite likely that we were born whole; we are all just so worn down and disenchanted and many things took that wholeness away from us as we grew up. Which is why each of us is empty in some way.

    Fundamentally I believe the most important thing is to be content with self, let it radiate, and what's right is right and will happen naturally in due course :)

  2. Walking into the storm will make you into pieces though D: