Thursday, January 7, 2016

With love,

When I imagine my perfect day, it's me, beautiful wooden house, huge library, endless hot chocolate/tea/coffee, a happy tongue-wagging golden retriever or husky to accompany me on jaunts in the beautiful hills and valleys surrounding the house, which is part of a really friendly and laid-back town.

I don't know why there isn't any space for a significant other, and I suppose that says something about my psyche. I want to understand it better, slowly, because... even if nothing changes, at least I will know. And insight is what separates instinct from reason, human from animal - isn't it?

SOLOMON POON THANK YOU FOR THE CARD!! :D What a wonderful surprise in the mail :)

8. Write a meaningful and heartfelt note to a few friends a week 
(because once is too little and five is too many)

I got home today and my mom said: you look so happy! what happened?

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