Tuesday, January 19, 2016

What is a person

Sometimes I wonder if I write to lance a boil. Poke a needle into something infected. (don't do that at home, kids!)

Every time I stand or sneeze or even walk fast, I have a throbbing headache that lasts for a few seconds. It's been like this since Sunday, and it's been bugging me a lot. My CG partner (and everyone around me really) kinda have to deal with me being not-quite-there and pretty spaced out (more so than usual?) because my head feels weird. 

I wanted to skip school yesterday, but I didn't. I didn't want to skip school today, but by 4pm I did. Maybe tomorrow will be a sunny perfect day!

Anyway the closest my medical knowledge brings me to is the diagnosis of postural hypotension, or sinus headache...whichever! It better get well soon on its own. 


I've thought about one day, just putting on makeup so that I look like a completely different person - not a clown, but just unrecognizable - and walking down orchard road. Dressed up and with makeup such that even my parents wouldn't recognize me, how would that feel? What on earth is a person whom no one in the world knows? Have you ever thought of that?

Okay, so, if I tried it I would look like a clown, so I guess I won't. But hey....I think it would feel... I don't know. How about walking down orchard road without spectacles or contacts? Walking almost blind? What is a person who cannot identify the people around him? I have done that, and it can be a little scary. But anyway. Basically I just couldn't judge the people around me. Cool.

How about... 

Oh man I wish I could play hooky tomorrow. 

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