Friday, January 15, 2016

Something different

When I fall asleep on the floor because my hair is wet...

And I wake up two hours later - and my hair is still wet!? Come come evaporation, do me a favor please? :)

Myanmar had a bunch of wonderful people, and I'm glad I went. (I tasted the whisky-coke mix, and it was awful.) On the last night we played high/low, which is a game where we guess if the card is >7 (high) or 7 and below (low), and the wrong guessers have to answer a question.

I realized that all the most wonderful or memorable times in my life revolve around the 36th and hiking. I'm glad. :)

I know we all carry our own scars. I don't know the formula of making things better, but I hope talking helps!

Sometimes I feel like taking life by the throat and throttling it, and other times I feel like falling to my knees and praying to the god that lives in all things natural. Sometimes I feel like giving in to emptiness and staring at the ceiling, and other times I feel like giving my all for a worthwhile good.

Sometimes I can't imagine life without certain people, but other times I'd rather be around strangers. And sometimes I'm suffocated with what I have, and other times I feel how it has given me advantages in this world.

I think it boils down to how I feel at the moment - who I am - dissatisfied YY who wishes her life was different? or excited YY who just saw an awesome operation and hopes to be a surgeon one day? or tired YY who just wants a good cuppa and a book? or lonely YY who wishes she had a friend to walk around some grass or hunt for some coffee together with? or irritated YY who wishes she was alone?

I've always been talking about how I'm finding peace or finding myself or whatever else, but I think I have it already, it's just that I don't know where or how to look - yet. It's a part of me, I just haven't seen it. But it's just a matter of opening my eyes and looking in the right direction, because it's a part of me, it's there. Just waiting.

And maybe tomorrow I'll think and feel something different again. Such is life!

Standing Egg - run away


  1. Most wonderful AND most traumatizing times*

    Still, bittersweet ends with sweet :) (You can totally quote me on that)

  2. Ahhh I nearly forgot about all that painful stuff we went through too! Haha BUT YES ENDS WITH SWEET :))