Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Fried brain

Have you ever felt like everything was a lie - that everything we take so much for granted that we don't even think about them or question them, was all just a veneer, just an impression... Not real at all?

I was reading Tribes - about how they used to, and still do, eat, hunt, clothe themselves, roof themselves, how they choose to live (nomadic?), how they treat each other, how they treat their women, how they approach life and its mysteries. Some of it is plain weird, or gross, but to know that there are actually people now living this way, is certainly

- okay there are two extremely smelly foreign workers next to me, and I'm being as objective as I can but THEY ARE SMELLY -


If I lived in the Sahara where there was limited water (and certainly no baths) I would prolly stink too

But this is singapore.

Nevermind. I feel mean now.

My point is, I feel cheated by the world that implicitly supported my assumptions. I feel cheated by my assumptions. I feel blind and stupid. :( I shall go back home and finish that book. Kafka on the shore is cool but too much for my post-5pm tutorial fried brain.

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  1. No you're not mean or cheated or blind or stupid... you're right! LOL