Sunday, January 3, 2016

Through new eyes

I came across a really great idea! It's Doing Something New for Thirty Days! I think choosing to do something novel for a whole thirty days would be pretty fun, don't you think? At any rate, I shall try it out. A year has twelve months - twelve opportunities to try something new, but I could only come up with a few. But I have months to dream up the rest :)

Things I'm considering; ie. For Thirty Days, I Shall...

1. Walk everywhere
Okay, maybe it would be more accurate to say, 'walk one transport ride a day', which would leave me with enough energy to actually do things for the rest of the day.

Also, recently I've had a disturbing loss of... not exactly empathy, but more like the capacity to empathize? I haven't lost it, but I've lost the ...airspace, the heart-space, to make it happen. I guess it's a cycle: I feel too much, I stop feeling, and then I find a middle-ground. Yay, middle-ground. Looking forward to it.

Oh, the point is that I think walking home and thinking things through, instead of pushing it somewhere and expecting it to figure itself out, will help.

Besides, global warming nia. Save the earth, eschew cars trollolol.

2. Try vegetarian
Self-explanatory! This one should be hard to go wrong on. I mean, at the very least, I won't die. Also, if I actually try this out, I'll probably have one day a week where I eat meat! Have you heard of Meatless Monday? Yeah, so it'd be Meat Monday! Or Tuesday, etc.

ps: fish aren't vegetables, but I like sashimi, so let's just say they are.
Pps: Alternatively, pescatarian.

3. Draw everyday
This makes me seem like a complete slacker, but I don't really mind. It seems fun. And new.

4. Cut my own hair (gasp!)
The reason I wrote Cut my own hair as opposed to Cut my hair, is because I would like to try taking a pair of scissors to my hair!

The reason I seem so blithely happy about this is that I intend to wait till my hair is long long long, then I can chop off 1 cm or so and therefore not end up looking like a hair protest.

5. Wake up at 5 a.m. everyday
Naturally, this does not make me happy.

6. Wear dresses only
I don't even have that many dresses!

7. Wear contacts
Okay, technically this is cheating, since 1. I've already worn contacts before and 2. the real reason for doing this is that my contacts are expiring!!

But in a purely metaphorical sense, looking at the world through new eyes and all that... isn't it so fitting? HAHA.

I kind of wanted to add 'get a tattoo', but a few well-placed comments by my mom put an end to that. What was I thinking? 

Are these resolutions? Nah, they're more like experiments. That sounds so exciting heh. They're little projects that will hopefully evolve into bigger, or at least completely unexpected things! Oh man I just realized cutting my hair isn't a thirty day thing. Uh. Hmmm.

Also, yesterday I went to Common Man Coffee Roasters (CMCR) with my mom! The coffee was...good... and the food looked very good! I still think Tiann's has the best coffee :)



  1. Haha idk but I'd venture one explanation for the incapacity to empathise: it's just another survival instinct to protect ourselves by closing ourselves off when we're being overwhelming by the "projections and expectations" of other people.

    Or maybe it's just a cycle. Like how everything in life follows a cycle haha!

    I'm highly skeptical that you'll get to any of them xD PICTURES OR IT DIDN'T HAPPEN

  2. I was actually going to disagree, but y'know after some thought, I think you're right! Maybe I just can't bring myself to meet the eyes of people who think I can actually do something to make it all better.