Monday, December 14, 2015

Today in clinic while the doctor talked on about pedal edema, I completely gave in to my unplugged brain and started scribbling dreams in my notebook.

So just to let you guys know what non-career goals I'll be trying to accomplish in the next 1week-10 years (anytime in between):

- run a full marathon
- cook a delicious meal (shepherd's pie?)
- hike NZ's Great Walks
- make new friends
- treasure the friends I currently have, every day
- eat llao llao for lunch

Alright, this might have something to do with me feeling awesomely sad. But hey, the list could have been filled with binge-watching movies and crying under my blanket...which doesn't seem like such a bad idea now that I'm writing it... but hey. No.

Things that have kept me sane:

- my friends! Van and Grace!
- my bear
- music! special mention standing egg
- the thought of upcoming holidays
- elephantjournal and thoughtcatalog and

And see? This is why I blog. Instant recovery. Just kidding. Going for a run! 

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