Wednesday, December 16, 2015

I'm back!

Well, that's all over and done with, and hopefully it'll all be okay. It feels like a great weight has been lifted off, although that might be because of my awesome neuro registrar:

I am still in spasms of happiness because he graded me so well and gave me so much encouragement! The neuro house officer is also super friendly and has been referring us cases. The humdrum boredom of the past few days has been replaced by interest, mostly because today everyone taught us stuff and things are starting to make sense and yingyue is MOTIVATED!! :))

My to do list before flying off is still pretty crazy, but I'm sure I can do it...yeah. Heh...

Looking forward! It's the only thing to do.

And thanks so much to van and grace for giving me advice and honest feedback, for cheering me up when I'm down, being on my side and standing up for me even when I wasn't around!

Thanks for too many things to list, zach :)

Holidays here we come! After one more day of 4 hour ward rounds. And one day of crazy shopping/visa application/saf stuff to do. Lalala.

Alright, so it hurts more than I care to admit, but this is (winces) for the best.


  1. Is "cook a delicious meal" on your bucket list because you've never cooked a delicious meal?

  2. Delicious is in the eye of the beholder! ;)