Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. 

My anger isn't a slow sort of burn - I was wrong. It's a sky-high pyrotechnic, that lasts for about that long and then disappears. Until I remember it again, or until the fireworks are all used up for the incident. 

Right now I can almost feel it in my veins, leaching out with every exhalation. This is ridiculous. This is hilarious. 

I didn't expect to learn this much about people; about their ugliness, meanness, and capacity for evil. Thank heavens for our friends and family, who remind us that people can be caring, generous, and empathetic. 

Who on earth gets through life without being burned? No one. 

I don't talk to people because I trust them, or believe that they won't hurt me. I do it because I believe that everyone, myself included, needs human interaction, needs acknowledgement that they exist, and maybe even a little laughter in their day. 

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