Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Across the universe - Yerin Baek

If I was asked, "have you loved before?"

The answer would be yes... only, not in the way you mean. If I had to judge by the ache of having it and the pain of losing it, then yes, I have. 

The one thing that I cannot, apparently, at the present moment do, is to share a life with someone. To be responsible and accountable to that same person. To have part of my life intertwined with part of his, I guess. Life can be pretty twisted and out of control, and why, or how, would I deal with complicating it further? 

I like people, and there are some people I love, but just like I can't see a clear ringing note, or hear the color of heartache, I can't bring myself to do...this. Whatever this is. And sometimes I wonder if I'm not made for this world? Maybe I belong somewhere or sometime else? 

But that's a lie; I belong here, and all that stops me from believing it is the part of me that doesn't want to believe it. Maybe I can find someone like me, and we can not-love together. I, don't, know. That sounds lonely, as if it isn't already!


  1. "The opposite of fear is not joy, but acceptance." - some genius who is not me lol

    Idk about you but I'd try to accept that there will be complications, and I'm irrationally optimistic about "bad things" because they can be disguised as good things in the long run :)

    Or maybe just be as celibate and asexual as a flower, hmm... JK xD

  2. Hey thanks for the comment! Haha I see what you mean, it can be scary as hell, but it's a matter of choosing to stick with it or push away something that could've been awesome!

    *thinking in progress* XD