Saturday, November 14, 2015

That kind of post

Ahhhh cramps cramps cramps cramps!

So yesterday when you asked me the absolutely hilarious (and kinda cute) question: when you're on your period should I stay away or be extra nice?

And I said, don't go away?

You know what, I shall rescind that order. Somehow. One day. Stay away man I feel like I'll start biting people's heads off soon. Haha. Hopefully I'm kidding. I'm nicer than that, right?

By Monday all shall be right with the world. As for now, I am...refusing to take Panadol, on principle, and hugging my cute fluffy bear.

Btw, does anyone know why I'm getting so many views from a russian app called Vesna? I don't have an account, but somehow it's linking people to my blog. Weird!

Mariah Carey ft Miguel - #beautiful

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