Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Random numbers

1. I think waiting is fun, too. Tension, if you know how to ride it, can be enjoyable.

2. Rock climbing!!

3. Zadie Smith, I am coming for you. Or I guess I should say your books :)

4. Why? As I think about it, I keep coming up with different answers. Is it because I believe that something cultivated with good intentions cannot bear entirely rotten fruit? Is it because I hate it when people are lonely? (But I'm not a saint, ah, I know that.) I'm not sure. Time will tell.

5. Maybe the world would be boring without conflict. But I like you guys. Some times more than others, true, but yeah.

6. Thinking about people's xmas prezzies. That's kinda fun too!

I'm kinda glad I kept this blog through the years, because I can really look back and see how things have changed. And boy have they changed!

I couldn't have made it this far without so many people. All the hugs, advice, kicks in the butt, quarrels... I guess they all contributed! From here on, I will try to be strong. Reliable? There's something out there I'm reaching for, even if I don't know more than its outline yet.

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