Saturday, November 28, 2015


Yesterday I had one of my scariest dreams in a while.

I dreamt that I woke up in my room, everything in twilight. Someone was standing beside the bed, next to my head, completely obscured by shadows, neither speaking nor moving. In my dream I remembered having seen him before. I shut my eyes and prayed he'd disappear.

When I woke up, it was light. The first thing I saw was the dead body between me and the door. It might have been the guy, or someone else, but I ran out and called for my parents. They sealed the room and got ready for funeral rites of some sort? But I had the feeling they were scared of the dead body - not what it signified, but of the body itself, and their fear was infectious. I knew something was going to happen, and I could almost guess, but I couldn't believe it was true.

A few days later (somehow days passed in the dream) the ceremony began. I had to carry a pile of bones (his bones) and offer it to him so he would be at peace? When I stepped into the room, I saw that everyone was completely still - too scared to move. I knew something very, very wrong had happened, but it was as if I had no choice but to walk in - no alternative of escape. I had to walk in and make my offering.

There was an empty space where the dead body should have been. Something moved in the vanity table beside my head. I didn't dare look. It was withered and grey - the color of preserved, long dead skin, and it was moving. I must have dropped my pile of bones, I don't remember, but next thing I felt cool, thin hands wrap themselves around my neck.

Chaos erupted as everyone tried to get the thing's hands off me, but I only thought of how normal the hands were, how they could have belonged to any old, shriveled person. Moving slowly, I grasped the throttling hands and tried to pull them off. They didn't budge. And then I woke up for real.

Today I dreamt that there was a zombie apocalypse and I had to survive on my own. It was so realistic!!

I remember being in a cab with my parents, and we were having a discussion of sorts. I told them they were telling me how to live my life, and I... wanted to make my own choices. Even if it meant going out of the cab into the screaming chaos. The cabbie reached behind and patted my shoulder. I walked out.

I climbed up some steps leading to a modern laboratory, the kind that might produce humanoid robots, and walked in.

There was a basement underground where three kids - a girl and two guys - were preparing to hunker down when the zombies came. We made some conversation and I left. I kept walking up the staircase, which was straight at some parts and spiral in others.

I remember throughout the dream I never saw a zombie, but there were signs everywhere that they were coming - the doors crashing down, the screams, the precautions, the people running.

To tell the truth, I'm a little afraid of sleeping tonight ^^"

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