Sunday, October 18, 2015


I realised I haven't said much about orthopedics! I feel like that's kinda unfair. So...the past week:

The surgeons are really nice. I don't know if it's the specialty or the hospital, but in general everyone is so darn nice! To be fair, my consultant doesn't want anything to do with me ("go follow the reg/ I have a M5 following me today") but I probably look so much like a lost sheep, he doesn't wanna bother. But, I'm learning the ropes pretty fast! And I'm proud of that heh :)

Ortho isn't as bloody as GS, or as intense. I have leeway to learn at my own pace, which is surprisingly good. I think my CG is quite onz - good influences. I saw some funny things: mutton induced abscess? Now you know not to mess with the lamb. I also saw some sad stuff. But it's getting to be a way of life. I'm not jaded (I hope), but I'm not gonna dwell on it.

Looking forward to a day of book reading/ medical elective application/ arranging stuff...huh, sounds busy. I shall concentrate on my book now :)

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