Monday, October 26, 2015


1000: kept falling asleep in clinic (sorry, today's patients!). Bad neck ache radiating to head. Stomach pain.
1100: took aspirin to ward off headache. Super tired
1200: had lunch with van!
1245: falling asleep even though convo was interesting? Head felt heavy. Giddy.
1330: took bag and left for taxi stand. Nauseous. Fingers cold.
1400: reached home, took temperature (39.9). Body aches + joint pain + pain when touching skin. Crashed.
1730: took temperature (39.4). Slept.
1900: can walk! Can shower! Can eat an apple!
1945: body still aching. Am I getting better? Do I go to sch tmr?

I crossed the point when you told me: -.
I guess I was mind blown, because, well, I've never thought that way.

I'm feeling a little insecure because of what you said.

Blame it on the flu.

Extreme - more than words

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