Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Even though I've been studying for three years and completed the basic cardiac life support module, I still can't do anything. A patient collapsed in front of the lift today. There was a nurse and a doctor(?) with her.

I was going to go over when my CG mates (2 of them were with me) stopped me, cause we were wearing scrubs, and to the public we look like doctors. We're only M3's and things could turn ugly if we appeared not in control of the situation. 

So we took a different path. I guess we avoided some possible major trouble. But why does it feel so bad, and I'm not exaggerating, so frustrating, so freaking lousy? I know bcls. I know the basics of first aid. Maybe it's not enough. Coupled with wearing scrubs, the best thing to do might really have been to leave, especially since the A&E was just a short distance away and help would come soon. 

But what has all my studying been for? 

And did I just walk away?

Edit: she's being treated now

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