Saturday, September 12, 2015

suːvəˈnɪə // to remember

I love long breaks.

I hole up, think about the things that have made me vaguely uneasy, and examine them. I take the rushes of emotion and impulse, and tell them to heel - long enough for me to see where they're coming from.

It's by no means a perfect process. There are things I can't be bothered with, or can't bring myself to look at.

It's not even a conscious process; I hole up because I would rather do that than submit myself to crowds and noise, I think through things because I would like to understand why I do certain things...why some things happen.

Obviously thinking alone is limited by the fact that things happen as a consequence of many people. My one brain isn't going to solve the great mystery, and neither do I want that.

I just want to become a better person. :)

Joyce Jonathan - ca ira

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