Friday, September 18, 2015

A different spin

Cool sheets, lukewarm limbs, tired and can't sleep.

So just let me say: 

It wasn't your fault you hit on a raw nerve. But that nerve lies in the heart of my heart. That hurt. Like how I imagine a cardiac tamponade would feel - except that isn't painful. 

I can't wait for the next three days of intensive study/ hermit-ing/ clearing my mind; I need a brain detritus vacuum. 

Have you ever looked sideways, seeing the empty space around your friend, where you could run if you wanted to... if you dared... 

Have you ever looked sideways with your eyes wide open, and wondered rather desperately why don't you see it? Can you really not see what your words are doing to me? Stop asking! Please stop asking! Why can't I answer normally? WHY CAN'T YOU SEE? 

Sometimes I feel like all I want out of life is good scenery, good laughs every day, excellence at what I do, and good food. 

Other times, I want more. 

These days I think about how I wish for haze-less skies. Not that long ago, I never thought the air could be any different. 

So today I am grateful for friends who make me laugh like mad. 
I'm grateful for clean, beige, small cosy rooms. 
And my auntie. She cooks for me, wakes me up, does pretty much everything. *kisses* 


Eminem ft Rihanna - love the way you lie

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