Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Wednesday = things get better from here

Why did you have to shout at me? Healthcare professionals are not punching bags. Come on man. Why did you have to do that? You're not even sick, for goodness' sake. You came on an outpatient checkup.

Why do I have to put up with this and smile? Why can't I just get up and walk out of the room? Medical negligence? People like this, I really...

On the bright side, my last patient was a dear. :) It was 8pm, I was hungry and really feeling low, but that was all inside (I hope). I went up to him and did the normal intro speech, while he gave me a really unnerving cold stare. He didn't say anything, and just fixed that awfully scary stare at me, whereupon I retreated (ok, I chickened) and said, "uh, you can chase me away."

And he said (finally said something!!), "ok, go away." with a flick like he was swatting a fly. I made to disappear but then he instantly said, "wait, come back," and it turns out he was having sport with me.

Turns out he was a lovely old man who had been pretty sick. He humored me and let me do a small physical exam.

So there really are many kinds of patients. I wish the one that made me smile stayed in my mind more than the one who made me cry (much much later). Life doesn't work that way, at least until I get used to this (or even better, become so charming no one yells at me...ever. lol.) Actually, I should just train my brain to remember the good stuffs. I'm halfway there already, so I might as well.

Thanks for the boat and whale! :) Thanks auntie for listening me to me talk about what happened, plus the blood in the operating theatre. Thanks for not cooking me any meat these days lol. Thanks for listening :)

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