Friday, July 10, 2015

S n a p s h o t s


Why is it sometimes kids grow up looking completely different from their cute selves? I mean, you look at some baby photos and think, what happened?

Should I just not
Go today. Heh.

I can't wait till the past learns to stay there. And then disappear.

Sorry I feel pretty nauseous.

Have you ever wondered how darn lucky we are to be smart? A three digit IQ, the confidence to not have to use volume to conceal ignorance, the intelligence to be able to look someone directly in the eye and smile, because we know where we're each coming from. Have you ever wondered how lucky we are to be ourselves?

These long train rides are sure good for getting into music comas.

I've seen so many sick kids today that I'm looking for healthy ones, just to remind me that things are still right in this world.

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.....

Sam Hunt - take your time

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